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Written by John Mullen

A Few Words about Servicing Electrical Appliances

This is the age of convenience. We own appliances to replace the human being in all sorts of chores. Appliances keep our dishes clean, our clothes laundered, our food at its necessary temperatures, our floors vacuumed, and the latest appliance will fold your clothes for you! If you haven’t visited an appliance store lately, take a stroll up and down the aisles to get an idea of how technology is upgrading our appliances so we may never have to clean again!

But there are a few things that should be said about servicing these same appliances. Some appliances seem to hold up better than others. For example, research has shown that some of the most hard-working, reliable appliances are in your kitchen. These include most dishwashers, electric cooking appliances and garbage disposals. The least reliable are refrigerators and ranges. Refrigerators have undergone dozens of design changes and today they are so energy efficient that many use less than the energy required to run a 75 watt light bulb! Even so, for the very reason they are hardworking and never turned off, they tend to need repairs more often. It comes with the territory!


It seems that every time you buy something today the sales person pushes an extended warranty. While the smart consumer understands that it’s a ‘money-maker’ for the sales person and their company, it isn’t always a bad idea. Before automatically agreeing to or denying an extended warranty, remember this. Despite greater efficiency, appliances are failing at greater rates than ever before. Purchasing a warranty for a refrigerator or range might be a good investment. Begin by identifying the warranty that comes with the appliance when it is purchased – as offered by the manufacturer or appliance store. Then consider that nearly one third of all refrigerators and ranges need service in the first year.


If you choose to buy an extended warranty, make sure you are buying the appliance from a company with a service department. The nightmare of finding a service company not associated with the appliance store will make you wish you hadn’t purchased a warranty at all!


Finally, take the time to research what other people have to say about the appliance, the appliance store, their hassles with repairs and costs and whether they had an extended warranty or not.


If you have more questions about appliance repair, contact the professionals at J.M. Mullen Electrical Services. We are experts on all things electrical!