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Electrical Hazards You Should Watch Out For This Winter

The cold winter months come with a range of electrical hazards. Being proactive can help ensure the safety of your family. Here are the electric issues that you need to watch out for this season:

Damaged Heating Appliances

Homes use heaters and electrical blankets to combat the cold of the winter but these appliances are also potentially dangerous and faulty, particularly when they have been stored away for a while. 

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Tips For Avoiding Electrical Hazards This Christmas

It is the holiday season, the most wonderful time of the year when millions of families across the U.S. decorate their homes. While holiday decorating adds fun and warmth to this very special season, Christmas decorations carry risk of fire or electrical injury if they are not used properly. Here are some tips to keep you safe from electrical hazards this Christmas: 

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Things That Cause Your Electricity Bill To Go Up

There are a number of possible reasons why your electric bill goes up. One factor could be the time of the year. It is common for electricity use to increase in the summer when people rely on their air conditioning units to fight the heat.

Having a few more people in your home can also increase your electricity bill because more people living in your house means increased use of light and appliances.

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Old Electrical Wiring Pose Safety Hazards

Do you live in an old house? If your home was built more than four decades ago, you should considering having your old electrical wiring checked and replaced for your own safety.

Why You Should Update Your Home’s Wiring

Old wiring may not be inherently dangerous but there are certain issues with having an old wiring system in your home. For one, you cannot be sure if the electrical system is still up to code. The materials used such as the wire insulation can also deteriorate over time.

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