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Written by Stu Kushner

When To Call The Electrician If Your Electrical Outlet Sparks

A short circuit, aged equipment or water exposure could be the reason behind a sparking electrical outlet in your home. Sometimes, it just happens normally. So how do you know that there’s something wrong and dangerous with the outlet?

The power that runs through outlets is fast and hot. Power should ideally flow through the circuit and back out to the main grid without interruptions. Your home outlets uses this fast-moving current to give you the power needed to run your air conditioning unit, refrigerator, stove, as well as other devices that rely on electric power. 

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Written by Stu Kushner

Tips For Avoiding Electrical Hazards This Christmas

It is the holiday season, the most wonderful time of the year when millions of families across the U.S. decorate their homes. While holiday decorating adds fun and warmth to this very special season, Christmas decorations carry risk of fire or electrical injury if they are not used properly. Here are some tips to keep you safe from electrical hazards this Christmas: 

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Keeping Kids Safe From Electrical Injury

Children constantly explore and never seem to tire from trying to investigate things around them. This inborn curiosity may be good but it also has potential dangers when it comes to electricity.

Electrical accidents are responsible for a number of injuries and deaths in the United States and young kids below 6 years old are particularly at risk of electrical injury. All it takes is a wrong move by a young child for a tragedy to happen.

Like any other safety hazards, adult supervision and teaching safety precautions to kids can go a long way in thwarting electrical injuries. See to it that your children know these electrical safety rules:

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